Day Trading: The Money game!

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Everyone want’s to make money in the stock market from day trader to a mid-long term investor. The people who make money often won’t give up the way they made it. Well it’s upto you to figure a stock which has a constant changes in the stock market, first you need to identify atleast five major frequently changing stocks with a good history(Financially and Economically) then make the investment’s in this company’s at your own risk. May I say you day trading is huge risk you may make a good amount or loose a bad amount so don’t keep all eggs in one basket(don’t pool all the investments into a single company divide the investments into smaller portions and invest it).

The second most important thing is suspend trading after 2PM if the stock has increased linearly from 10AM or maybe 9AM, selling the stocks after 2 maybe a risk to the investment.The main thing you should know about the stock market the lesser you mess your brain the more freely you will be able to make money, overthinking may effect your investment in the stock market.


Attracting More funding for a startup , surviving a hostile takeover!

Like we say today Silicon Valley, California is startup hub for the  world. Their are emerging market not only in software but various other fields. Now this article mainly deals with the guys who have plans of starting their company or have already started. Bringing vital investment is key to survival of any startup. So I recommend to double your finance in series A funding of the venture capital convince the investors to invest more.

Like  Series A funding should be vital tool for gearing up your company. When you have enough funds there is more likely lesser chance of Series B funding for your company which I think many investors don’t like or think it’s a good idea.

If in case Series A& B funding fails then turn to plan B that’s the Crowdfunding. You may or may not get the desired amount but keep that has an option. Who knows what will happen when.

Most of the companies go public after a period. If your financial health of your company is not good at time of going public then it’s becomes prone to hostile takeover by corporate raiders. You should cut a chance.

Doing a posh fundraiser is also a key to attract a healthy funds. Fundraiser should be done on a periodically so you can attract more funds to your company or organisations. 

American elections!

Trump or Hilary or sanders!

Seeing the current trend Trump  will be the republican nominee though after his contraversial remarks on Muslims, he seems to have done good in the poll with a decent number. Hilary on the other  side facing a stiff competition from democratic candidate sanders. Though she is Likely to secure democratic nomination, the real question is will she be able to take on Trump???? 

Trump has a holistic vision for America he is renowned real estate tycoon and can get things done. So the people of America can rely on this.

Hilary is a great women former First Lady , Secretary of State she has proved herself in this portfolio now it’s upto the people of America to choose a leader to lead them. 

Assets Management and Multiplication!

In this I will be briefing on Asset management and multiplication. We all have same assets that we need to take care. Some people just let Jp Morgan or Morgan Stanley take care of there valueable assets. This does not end there you are not multiplying your assets once you multiply your assets that’s how wealth gets created.

So we need to keep track of the present assets we have then borrow money invest in another asset which will bring you a quick income. Let’s take a practical example if you are leaving in your own house and have a standard income then I suggest to people to invest in real estate, stock, conventional energy etc. Pick your area wisely if you rich enough invest in all these. This will help you make another asset itself. You just multiplied your investment and time.

Think before investing as making a secure investment is an important issue. If you go wrong you would be loosing a lot of money and go bankrupt. Don’t get stuck in a financial loop as it’s difficult to come out once you get stuck in it.

Knowing your environment is a must for a secure investment.

Have a good business model.

This is the core and the basic principles which should guide your organisation. What are the strengths of your company,weakness etc. The business model is like a fuel to your organisation the more good the more efficient your organisation becomes. So haveing a good business model is a must.

How to create a good working business model is the question?.   There are known as the V4 .

  1. Value proposition.
  2. Value Architecture.
  3. Value Network.
  4. Value Finace.

The value proposition dimension includes  the description of the products, services that your company is offering, currently.Further more it also should include the value added service that your organisation is working on.

The value Architecture portrays the holistic structural design that your organisation has made in technological architecture and infrastructure your organisation currently has.

The value network is also very important, the more people you have in your network the more revealing you become. Have a good network size is quite a good for company’s public and internal affairs.

I have already written an article on startup funding how to manage your funds and utilising the funds how to make profit. So be wise while making money.

This four are the core concepts in a starting business model. 

Product Placement

Now there are lots of new products coming everyday in the market to position your product you need have to go through a lot of things.

Know your customers in a way it’s like 30% of your job completed. Keeping a good track of your customers requirements and their likes plays a vital role in your product.

Scanning the business environment is must it’s like 20% of your task I would say, I would say know the history to play with the fucture. Without that it would be a terrible mistake. Know the risk factor of the your product and the rivals also. Don’t forget to get to know your rivals.

How well have your built your product is it reliable run all kind of tests before releasing it to the market so that the customers need not complain about your product. Building a good product is essential it brings the brandname to your respective organisation and completes the next 30% of your job.

The next is major thing releasing your product at the right time it’s basically like releasing a movie think if two major films by major actors releasing on the same day it divides your customer base which is not good. Be calm look for a proper time for releasing your product. That completes the rest of 20%. If your product is the very first thing in market then keep the prototype of the product confidential your enemy may not play a fair game. Always be a big fish in a small pond to get more attraction. 

Market psychology?

Now let me get this straight before making a huge investment in and company we should see the risk factor surrounding that particular company. Like the total assets they own their bank balance, they funding style etc.

Many go wrong in this case can lead to you loosing your valuable investment. And making investment in the right time like buying stocks in the right time makes a difference. For eg recently the one of the share value of a bank decreased to ₹196 so that’s an all time low  people who invested at that time made a huge fortune. How is the question in the next 3 months that banks share value doubled and you made your money without any risk.

In investment on the right company or corporations makes a huge difference. If you are looking for a long time investment I suggest to investment your valuable money on banks, established government organisation that has gone public, good multinational corporations etc. Like you should invest in these when their stock prices hit all time low and forget your investment for next 3-5 years. I personally guarantee that you will get a good returns.

And don’t keep all the eggs in one basket means don’t pool in all your investment in one company so that you will go bankrupt when that corporation fails. Eg let’s take an example of kingfisher who made their investment on this airline company have lost a lot of money when the company went bankrupt.

Withdraw your investment as soon as the company croses the peak mark don’t wait as longer you wait the most dangerous it becomes. And don’t believe anyone else I say go by your gut and instinct give a deaf ear to what other say. 

The final thing is keep a good track of friends who are with you for long time and never tell the investment you have to them. 


Startup Funding

 Today we are in an edge of a technological revolution startup Ara had just taken momentum in our country, the most important thing thing is how to achieve an healthy 5 years of financial freedom to your company to make a mark in the technology market.

We can bring investors from various fields the question is how ?.Being an entrepreneur you should appoint a good CFO to mobilise your seed funding wisely.That’s the first thing I would do trust me on this.The very next thing I can do is cut costs by nearly half. Just don’t waste the money on something that does not help your company or organisation grow.

I treat an corporate or organisation as an living organisms.Think what they need to survive you would say oxygen similarly any organisation needs money to survive.

I would say any entrepreneurs who play with the funds negatively would have their organisation into financial sucide. I have many people go bankrupt just because they do not know how to handle money. 

Picking an active investors also plays a vital role in developing your startup. I would say choose wisely. Many people make their mistake here and I pity them.

Haveing and catchy company name and business model makes a big difference sometimes it changes the game complete. Maintaining a positive balance sheet is good for the company’s growth. It’s like growing a plant into a tree.And next part is taking your company public. Be careful about corporate raiders!!!

The last thing I want to say is beware of corporate raiders all your 5 years of hard work,money,time when you get caught to these people also maintain a healthy stake in your company to prevent any hostile takeover!!!!


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