Day Trading: The Money game!

day trading 1

Everyone want’s to make money in the stock market from day trader to a mid-long term investor. The people who make money often won’t give up the way they made it. Well it’s upto you to figure a stock which has a constant changes in the stock market, first you need to identify atleast five major frequently changing stocks with a good history(Financially and Economically) then make the investment’s in this company’s at your own risk. May I say you day trading is huge risk you may make a good amount or loose a bad amount so don’t keep all eggs in one basket(don’t pool all the investments into a single company divide the investments into smaller portions and invest it).

The second most important thing is suspend trading after 2PM if the stock has increased linearly from 10AM or maybe 9AM, selling the stocks after 2 maybe a risk to the investment.The main thing you should know about the stock market the lesser you mess your brain the more freely you will be able to make money, overthinking may effect your investment in the stock market.


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