Attracting More funding for a startup , surviving a hostile takeover!

Like we say today Silicon Valley, California is startup hub for the  world. Their are emerging market not only in software but various other fields. Now this article mainly deals with the guys who have plans of starting their company or have already started. Bringing vital investment is key to survival of any startup. So I recommend to double your finance in series A funding of the venture capital convince the investors to invest more.

Like  Series A funding should be vital tool for gearing up your company. When you have enough funds there is more likely lesser chance of Series B funding for your company which I think many investors don’t like or think it’s a good idea.

If in case Series A& B funding fails then turn to plan B that’s the Crowdfunding. You may or may not get the desired amount but keep that has an option. Who knows what will happen when.

Most of the companies go public after a period. If your financial health of your company is not good at time of going public then it’s becomes prone to hostile takeover by corporate raiders. You should cut a chance.

Doing a posh fundraiser is also a key to attract a healthy funds. Fundraiser should be done on a periodically so you can attract more funds to your company or organisations. 


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