Have a good business model.

This is the core and the basic principles which should guide your organisation. What are the strengths of your company,weakness etc. The business model is like a fuel to your organisation the more good the more efficient your organisation becomes. So haveing a good business model is a must.

How to create a good working business model is the question?.   There are known as the V4 .

  1. Value proposition.
  2. Value Architecture.
  3. Value Network.
  4. Value Finace.

The value proposition dimension includes  the description of the products, services that your company is offering, currently.Further more it also should include the value added service that your organisation is working on.

The value Architecture portrays the holistic structural design that your organisation has made in technological architecture and infrastructure your organisation currently has.

The value network is also very important, the more people you have in your network the more revealing you become. Have a good network size is quite a good for company’s public and internal affairs.

I have already written an article on startup funding how to manage your funds and utilising the funds how to make profit. So be wise while making money.

This four are the core concepts in a starting business model. 


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