Product Placement

Now there are lots of new products coming everyday in the market to position your product you need have to go through a lot of things.

Know your customers in a way it’s like 30% of your job completed. Keeping a good track of your customers requirements and their likes plays a vital role in your product.

Scanning the business environment is must it’s like 20% of your task I would say, I would say know the history to play with the fucture. Without that it would be a terrible mistake. Know the risk factor of the your product and the rivals also. Don’t forget to get to know your rivals.

How well have your built your product is it reliable run all kind of tests before releasing it to the market so that the customers need not complain about your product. Building a good product is essential it brings the brandname to your respective organisation and completes the next 30% of your job.

The next is major thing releasing your product at the right time it’s basically like releasing a movie think if two major films by major actors releasing on the same day it divides your customer base which is not good. Be calm look for a proper time for releasing your product. That completes the rest of 20%. If your product is the very first thing in market then keep the prototype of the product confidential your enemy may not play a fair game. Always be a big fish in a small pond to get more attraction. 


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