Market psychology?

Now let me get this straight before making a huge investment in and company we should see the risk factor surrounding that particular company. Like the total assets they own their bank balance, they funding style etc.

Many go wrong in this case can lead to you loosing your valuable investment. And making investment in the right time like buying stocks in the right time makes a difference. For eg recently the one of the share value of a bank decreased to ₹196 so that’s an all time low  people who invested at that time made a huge fortune. How is the question in the next 3 months that banks share value doubled and you made your money without any risk.

In investment on the right company or corporations makes a huge difference. If you are looking for a long time investment I suggest to investment your valuable money on banks, established government organisation that has gone public, good multinational corporations etc. Like you should invest in these when their stock prices hit all time low and forget your investment for next 3-5 years. I personally guarantee that you will get a good returns.

And don’t keep all the eggs in one basket means don’t pool in all your investment in one company so that you will go bankrupt when that corporation fails. Eg let’s take an example of kingfisher who made their investment on this airline company have lost a lot of money when the company went bankrupt.

Withdraw your investment as soon as the company croses the peak mark don’t wait as longer you wait the most dangerous it becomes. And don’t believe anyone else I say go by your gut and instinct give a deaf ear to what other say. 

The final thing is keep a good track of friends who are with you for long time and never tell the investment you have to them. 



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