Startup Funding

 Today we are in an edge of a technological revolution startup Ara had just taken momentum in our country, the most important thing thing is how to achieve an healthy 5 years of financial freedom to your company to make a mark in the technology market.

We can bring investors from various fields the question is how ?.Being an entrepreneur you should appoint a good CFO to mobilise your seed funding wisely.That’s the first thing I would do trust me on this.The very next thing I can do is cut costs by nearly half. Just don’t waste the money on something that does not help your company or organisation grow.

I treat an corporate or organisation as an living organisms.Think what they need to survive you would say oxygen similarly any organisation needs money to survive.

I would say any entrepreneurs who play with the funds negatively would have their organisation into financial sucide. I have many people go bankrupt just because they do not know how to handle money. 

Picking an active investors also plays a vital role in developing your startup. I would say choose wisely. Many people make their mistake here and I pity them.

Haveing and catchy company name and business model makes a big difference sometimes it changes the game complete. Maintaining a positive balance sheet is good for the company’s growth. It’s like growing a plant into a tree.And next part is taking your company public. Be careful about corporate raiders!!!

The last thing I want to say is beware of corporate raiders all your 5 years of hard work,money,time when you get caught to these people also maintain a healthy stake in your company to prevent any hostile takeover!!!!



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